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Bio-based Chemicals

Sustainable chemicals

Bio-based Chemicals

Bio-based Chemicals also known as biochemicals, are chemicals made from renewable biological resources such as: plants, animals and microorganisms. These raw materials are often called biomass. These chemicals can be used for a variety of purposes: from agriculture and food production, to making plastics, textiles and pharmaceuticals. The use of Bio-based Chemicals is seen as a more sustainable alternative to traditional petrochemicals, which are made from fossil fuels.

Bio-based Chemicals have potential to replace chemicals made from crude oil in some applications. In addition, they are often seen as a more sustainable alternative. Although there are challenges in the transition, ongoing research and technological developments are focusing on solving some of these challenges. The transition to a more sustainable chemical industry likely includes a combination of bio-based and other alternative technologies, in addition to improvements in efficiency and recycling of existing petrochemical processes. The extent to which bio-based chemicals can replace crude oil-based chemicals depends on continued innovation, market forces and regulatory support.

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